World of Solitaire is a polished and highly customizable browser-based version of solitaire. It was created by Robert Schultz of Comic Realms. The game looks authentic and is pretty close to the experience of playing with a real deck of cards. The smooth and sleek interface allows you to enjoy a game or two to refresh yourself between work. Solitaire is a classic game played by many people around the world. The game is so popular that everyone knows at least one version of solitaire.

There are a wide variety of versions of solitaire. The world of solitaire has a total of 22 versions of the game. You can choose to play different varieties of the game from the classic Klondike to Yukon, Scorpion, Pyramid and more for you to discover and enjoy. The complete varieties all come with specific instructions on how to play. The most unique and innovative feature about this game is its customizable user experience. A lot of changes can be made to the interface to make the gaming experience more enticing. There are numerous options to change the table background, the theme of the deck and even the animation of the cards.World of Solitaire - A classic reborn

Instruction – Solitaire can be defined as a game of strategy, skill and a bit of luck. The computer will deal the 52 cards into tableau piles. The placement of cards on each pile will keep on increasing from your left-hand side to your right-hand side. The topmost card of each pile is faced up and the rest are facing downwards.

The top most cards of a pile and the cards remaining from the deck are eligible for playing. You need to scout the placed cards to see if there is an ace in the pile. If there is then use it to create a foundation. Using the concept of descending order and alternating colors, transfer the cards from one placement to another. When you take an open facing card from a tableau, the bottom face down card becomes the new top facing card. Keep on playing till there are no cards on the tableau’s.

The objective of the game is to transfer the deck into the four foundations in the least possible time. When the whole deck is transferred into the four foundations, then you will be the winner.

Game controls – The game is played with the help of a mouse. The controls are based on point and click functions of the mouse. You can pick a card by left clicking on top of it. Move it towards the foundation without releasing the click. To place the card in the foundation, just release the click. Similarly, you can use the mouse to experiment with the various settings of the user interface.

Finally to sum it up, the game is brilliantly designed and takes this age-old classic to a whole new level. This renewed version helps you play this classic game in style.